Practice Status:

Construction in the Field House appears to be complete, I plan to hold practice every Sunday possible. Each Saturday I double check the Field House to make sure we are cleared for practice the next day. Please check here on Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning to make sure practice is being held.

Practice will NOT be held on Sunday, November 4th or 11th.


Important Membership Notice

As Vault Chicago transitions from Coach Tim to Coach Turvey, ALL VAULTERS must fill out a new Enrollment Form and have an up to dateĀ AAU membership using club codeĀ WY6WW8 to remain eligible to practice.


Membership Information

Vaulters must have membership with the AAU, and have a current Enrollment Form on file.


Learn about the club and coaches here.


Vault Chicago is held in Bloom High School's Nelson Field House on Sundays from 10am - noon.