Membership Information

All vaulters must follow these 3 steps to be eligible to practice.

  1. Obtain an AAU membership, using club code: WY6WW8
  2. Fill out the Membership Enrollment Form.
  3. A PDF will then be emailed to you and you must bring a printed signed copy of this PDF to practice.

This is to make sure the club is covered by the AAU's insurance policy. Pole Vaulting can be dangerous, and while safety is always priority number one, we would hate to have to shut the club down if someone gets hurt. As a result we make sure both the club and all vaulters are covered by the AAU's insurance.

As Vault Chicago transitions from Coach Tim to Coach Turvey, ALL VAULTERS must fill out a new Membership Enrollment Form.

The cost to jump is $20 per practice.